On occasion of All Saints Days or Halloween, as Americans prefers, Witkacy Workshop presents rare filming of Adam Mickiewicz de Poraj ‘Forefathers Eve’.

An adaptation entitled ‘Lawa’ and directed by Adam Konwicki was the final nail in the coffin of the Soviet Empire. Unfortunately  as original play this adaptation is without English subtitles.

Dziady (Forefathers’ Eve) is a poetic drama by the Polish poet Adam Mickiewicz de Poraj. It is considered one of the great works of European Romanticism. The drama’s title refers to Dziady, an ancient Slavic and Lithuanian feast commemorating the dead (the “forefathers”) on the eve of Christians Feast of All Saints.

To a Pole, the name Adam Mickiewicz is emblematic of Polishness and greatness. What Homer is to the Greeks, or Shakespeare to the British, Mickiewicz is to the Poles. 

He is a cultural icon, a name inextricably connected with Polish literature and history, and one mentioned with pride. Mickiewicz stands out in the consciousness of Poles both as a man of letters and a political leader.

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You can find more videos (with English subtitles) on Witkacy Workshop Youtube Channel.

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