Beign through 4 years treated by Belgian authorities and Israeli foundations worse that animal, Lord has decided to dissolve the nation of Israel and leave country on Monday. 

I warn the State of Israel once again that if they replacement campaign will not be stopped immediately on Monday the Final Act will be delivered first to Russian Embassy then to local Palace of Justice and other interested sides, including Saudi Arabia. This way the state of Israel will be kicked out of the United Nations and replaced by Palestinians. 

I am appealing to Belgian police to not rescue Israeli replacements that are sent on Route 66 for the good of Jewish Nation, even if they yet does not understand it. I did observed over 250 replacements installed globaly since 1 September.

This campaign must be postponed, the Reagan point has been reached already. Israel does not know restraint and will be punished by dissolvement, if will continue.

Next time, after the war, please present to the Lord 120 names, from which 20 will be dropped out, some bolded. This way the Lord will be silent and Mossad more succesfull and powerfull.


the Lord

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